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Tomb Raider: Legend Of Anubis

*Update* - I now have the base skeleton for the Sewer level built. Everything is textured and lighted. Now I just need to refine it, and add objects/enemies.

Woo, excited!

The Bracelet of Anubis has been recovered from the Ahm Shere Oasis, and is now residing in the British Museum. Lara takes a trip to London in an attempt to steal the bracelet for herself, but finds that others are closely guarding it. They bring her to a city that she previously only thought was a myth - Hamunaptra. Upon escaping the city, she travels back to London to take back what was stolen from her. Infiltrating the home of her assailants, whom she learns are the descendants of the O'Connells, she acquires the bracelet, and brings it back to her treasure room. Upon closer inspection, she reads an inscription on the inside of the bracelet, and learns of a hidden temple in Ahm Shere, and she thinks it may hold the treasure of Anubis. Once there, she discovers that the treasure is not what she thought.

[Extra Notes]
- The game will feature numerous easter eggs from the Mummy movies.
- The game will have a TR 1 style atmosphere.
- I am in need of someone who can help me script, sort of like a partner purely for scripting. If anyone is interested, PM me.

Part I: British Museum (0%)

- The Sewers [Under the Museum]

- Museum Basement

- The Museum Floor

Part II: Hamunaptra (10%)

- Temple of Elements

[ Puzzle Sub-Levels ]

- Tomb of Light [Ra]
- Tomb of Fire [Sedjet]
- Tomb of Pain [Ahew]
- Tomb of Water [Mew]
- Tomb of Stone [Ta]

- Temple of Blood

- Ihmotep's Tomb

- The Desert

Part III: Back to London (0%)

- London Streets

- The O'Connell House

Part IV: Croft Manor (0%)

- Grounds

- Manor

Part V: Desert of Ahm Shere (0%)

- Oasis/Jungle (will feature many side/optional temples)

- Pyramid of Ahm Shere

Part VI: Not Yet Revealed (0%)


Patreon Commission: Scary Anubis :iconromanjones:RomanJones 27 10





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